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Our India Based App developers, design high-performance, digitally transformational apps

We take pleasure in developing iPad, iPhone, and Android apps for a variety of markets, and we are always ready for a new challenge!

Event Management

Do you find it difficult to manage several events, team members, and clients at the same time? We will create a cutting-edge event app that will enhance your overall event experience.                                                                                                                                

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness software and solutions that are customised, powerful, and feature-rich to enhance your client's health and lifestyle, from tracking activities to staying on top of a medical regimen to delivering nutritional information.

Retail & Ecommerce

With our unique solutions for the retail and E-commerce industries, we can remove all of the bottlenecks that impede the buyer's path and provide a seamless shopping experience. Provide the convenience that your consumers expect and you will win their hearts.


Do you wish to connect people with their loved ones or make it easier for co-workers to collaborate? Get a custom communication and collaboration solution from Avtrix and never miss another

Food & Beverages

You may save a lot of time and effort by automating everything from order administration through food production, money collecting, and meal delivery. Get an Avtrix mobile app to provide your customers with a more simplified experience.                                                                


Overcome the difficulties of security, transparency, and usability that plague the banking sector and make it easier for users to conduct financial transactions. Using an Avtrix finance app, you can make your financial transactions more transparent and safe.


  1. Research

    We begin each mobile app development project by gathering user requirements and collaborate with our valued clients to understand their business and its specific requirements. Following that, we document and evaluate the requirements in order to translate them into a digital solution.

  2. Prototyping

    Our business strategists and software developers collaborate to develop your mobile app's logical framework. Our UI designers build a wireframe that acts as a template for all app screens, illustrating links between screens and screen flow.

  3. Design & Dev

    When building app user interfaces, our design team selects the best visuals, colour schemes, and icons with an eye for originality and design. When the design is complete, our development team starts to work on adding functionality to the app design.

  4. Testing

    Our quality assurance specialists verify each feature to guarantee that it functions properly, ensuring that you receive a bug-free mobile application. From functionality to navigation, user interface design to user experience, and everything in between, our testing teams conduct in-depth analysis.

  5. Deployment

    We deploy your programme on our servers once it has received the green light from the quality assurance team. We optimise your mobile application for improved exposure before launching it on the appropriate app stores, ensuring that it receives the attention it deserves.

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